How To Improve Your Cardiovascular Fitness? Tips-2021.

Hi friends, in this article you will read about Cardiovascular Fitness, how to improve and a balanced diet.

How To Improve Your Cardiovascular Fitness?

By doing 30 minutes of physical activity most days, we greatly improve our chances of staying healthy.

If 3 times a week, we perform our “30” at an intensity sufficient to be short of breath, we also improve our physical form.

There are several ways to take care of the body and health, through recurring sporting practice, following a healthy and adequate diet, sleeping regularly, and adhering to proper hygiene.

It is the easiest way to stay in perfect physical shape, which is reflected in the mental serenity and helps you stay healthy.

However, being fit requires discipline and motivation.

(1) Stay physically fit:

To give yourself the right motivation, you need to understand how being in shape has consequences that go far beyond simply having an agile, snappy, and vigorous body.

Keeping fit allows you to:

  • oxygenate the brain and this improves brain activity
  • having new energy helps multidisciplinary and pushes you to improve your performance
  • improve the shape of the body, reducing physical defects
  • strengthen the immune system and therefore get sick less

 You will therefore have to understand that keeping in good shape allows you to have a much better quality of life.

(2) Follow a balanced diet:

The discipline will also serve you to always give your body the time necessary to recharge the batteries through a good sleep, which has fixed times and lasts at least 7-8 hours.

Tips and ideas to be fit If you learn to combine physical exercise with a healthy diet and a correct lifestyle, the results will not belong in the coming.

Here are some useful ideas and tips to improve your habits from this point of view.

When you’re in good shape …

  • our heart is more efficient when exercising (we have good cardiovascular endurance or “good cardio”, as we say). The result? for example, we climb a few stairs without being out of breath or we play ball with the children for 30 minutes without taking a break.
  • we have more energy to do our day’s work and to enjoy our leisure time
  • we also have the ability to recover more quickly from a great physical effort or a difficult period

Interesting, isn’t it? How to do it?

To improve our physical form, we must practice aerobic-type activities, that is to say, requiring enough effort to get out of breath, for at least 30 consecutive minutes 3 times a week.

The intensity that you put on it must be moderate to high, which is assessed by our shortness of breath: the activities performed must cause moderate shortness of breath, so that it becomes difficult to speak continuously.

We can also assess the intensity of our training by calculating our pulse  (the number of times our heartbeats per minute).

It is generally recommended that we train in a way that increases our heart rate to between 60% and 85% of its maximum number of beats per minute. This number is calculated by subtracting our age from the number 220.

For example, for a person of 20 years, the pulse during the effort should be between 120 and 170 (maximum pulse =  200 , or 220 – 20; 60% of 200 =  120  and 85% of 200 =  170 ).

To take our pulse, we place our index and middle fingers on our neck or wrist and count the number of beats in 15 seconds.

We multiply by four, and voila: we thus obtain our number of heartbeats in one minute. Some watches or devices allow you to take the pulse continuously.

To increase our fitness significantly, we must therefore ensure that, three times a week, our 30 minutes of activity are done continuously and at a sufficient intensity.

Some tips to improve cardiovascular fitness- more intensity,

When we repeat the same exercise for several weeks in a row, our body eventually gets used to it and performs it with less effort. We are less breathless and more efficient.

It is a sign that we have improved our form. If we want to progress, we must further increase the intensity of our activity. Here are some little tips to get there depending on the activity you practice.


  • Increase the pace of your steps, the length of your strides
  • Swing your arms more rhythmically
  • Take a rougher route

The bike:

  • Increase your speed
  • Add hills to your route


  • Try another swim
  • Do laps while holding a board to work your legs more
  • Swim using only your arms

Aerobic dance:

  • Increase your range of motion
  • Raise the bench (step) one level
  • Take it to the next level


Physical fitness is important for our health, but keeping your body in good shape also has incredible repercussions on mental well-being.

Our body is a precious tool and it is essential to take care of it. What to do to keep fit and to get to an optimal shape you need a certain discipline.

Discipline is needed to consistently follow a healthy lifestyle based on a healthy and balanced diet and regular sporting practice, crowned by a good sleep.

It will be easier to find and maintain a certain discipline on the sports front if the most suitable one is found among the many sports disciplines.


I hope you will get some knowledge about Cardiovascular Fitness, how to improve, and a balanced diet. by reading this article. Comment down your thoughts on this article below. If you have any queries, then ask My Voice.

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